Snow in Scotland: hour by hour weather forecast for Edinburgh Glasgow Perth and Inverness as Met Office warnings extended

Yellow warnings have been re-issued for the third day as more parts of the country face cold and wet weather

Snow is set to fall in some parts of Scotland, including Edinburgh, from 2 December (Shutterstock)

Some parts of Scotland woke up to more snow on Friday as the winter weather continued, as yellow warnings were extended by the Met Office across the country.

The forecaster said snow would fall in some areas of Scotland on Wednesday (2 December) and continue into Thursday (3 December) and Friday 4 (December).

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Central Scotland, Tayside, Perth and Kinross, Highland, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Ayrshire and Lanarkshire were some of the places affected by the freezing weather, which in some areas was in the form of sleet or hail.

The Met Office updated its yellow warning for snow and ice to include more areas in the west of Scotland, and also to include a yellow warning for rain down the east coast.

The Met Office said: “Areas of snow are expected to develop during Thursday evening and the early hours of Friday.

"Snow may briefly settle across areas as low as 150 m above sea level, although later in the night and on Friday morning the snow level will likely rise to 500 m and above from the east as milder air arrives from the east. Snow will then turn to persistent, and at times heavy, rain at lower levels.

"The bulk of snow accumulations will be over hills and mountains.”

The forecaster said to expect travel disruptions as a result of the cold weather, including longer journey times by road, bus and train.

The weather alert also warns against injuries from slips and falls on icy surfaces, and icy patches on untreated roads, pavements and cycle paths.

Here is the hour-by-hour forecast for Perth, Inverness, Edinburgh and Glasgow for 4 December, including the winter forecast for later in the month.

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What is the snow forecast for Scotland?

Hour-by-hour Met Office forecast for Perth, 4 December

09:00 Heavy rain - 5C

10:00 Heavy rain - 5C

11:00 Heavy rain – 5C

12:00 Light rain – 5C

13:00 Heavy rain – 5C

14:00 Heavy rain – 5C

15:00 Heavy rain – 5C

16:00 Heavy rain – 6C

17:00 Heavy rain – 6C

Hour-by-hour Met Office forecast for Inverness, 4 December

09:00 Heavy rain - 1C

10:00 Heavy rain - 3C

11:00 Heavy rain – 4C

12:00 Heavy rain – 5C

13:00 Heavy rain – 5C

14:00 Heavy rain – 5C

15:00 Heavy rain – 6C

16:00 Heavy rain – 6C

17:00 Heavy rain – 6C

Hour-by-hour Met Office forecast for Edinburgh, 4 December

09:00 Cloudy - 5C

10:00 Heavy showers – 6C

11:00 Heavy showers – 7C

12:00 Light showers – 8C

13:00 Heavy showers – 7C

14:00 Heavy showers – 7C

15:00 Heavy showers – 7C

16:00 Heavy showers – 7C

17:00 Heavy showers – 7C

Hour-by-hour Met Office forecast for Glasgow, 4 December

09:00 Overcast - 2C

10:00 Light showers – 3C

11:00 Heavy rain showers – 4C

12:00 Heavy rain showers – 5C

13:00 Light rain showers – 5C

14:00 Cloudy – 6C

15:00 Heavy rain showers – 6C

16:00 Light rain showers – 6C

17:00 Light rain showers – 6C

Will it snow during the rest of the week?

The Edinburgh, Perth, Inverness and Strathclyde areas, including Glasgow, will not be faced with more snow as the Met Office said there will only be rain at times going into the weekend, which will be heavier in the east.

For Edinburgh, the outlook for Saturday 5 December is: “Cloudy start with patchy rain. Otherwise becoming mainly dry with some sunny spells, still an odd shower in the east.”

For Perth, the forecast for Saturday is: “Mostly cloudy with occasional showers, these mainly in the east. Some brightness perhaps breaking through in the afternoon especially in the south and west.”

And for Inverness: “Mainly cloudy with scattered showers, some longer periods of rain in the north and east in the morning. Becoming somewhat drier in the afternoon, some brightness in the southwest.”

For Glasgow, the Saturday prediction is: “Sunny periods and occasional showers, these mainly across the east in the morning. Mainly dry along the west coast.”

There is no snow predicted for all these areas for the rest of the weekend.

What is the long-range forecast for the UK?

The Met Office said, from 8 December until 17 December, the cold weather will remain across the UK.

For snow, it said: “A continued risk of snowfall, mostly over the hills in the north, but there is a risk of some snow falling to lower levels at times, again mostly in the north.”

Frosts will also be widespread, and it will be windy with coastal gales in some parts.