Sir Nils Olav welcomes rare penguin chick to Edinburgh Zoo

The world's highest-ranking penguin has celebrated the anniversary of his appointment as brigadier of His Majesty the King's Guard of Norway by welcoming the newest addition to the northern rockhopper group at Edinburgh Zoo.

Sir Nils Olav is the world's highest ranking penguin. Picture: PA

Sir Nils Olav met the endangered rockhopper chick at Penguins Rock as the youngster was moved into the main enclosure for the first time.

The chick is the first to be born at the zoo in nearly ten years when it hatched, appropriately, on World Penguin Day on April 25.

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Dawn Nicoll, penguin keeper at Edinburgh Zoo, said: “It’s already been a year since Sir Nils became the highest-ranking penguin in the world.

Sir Nils greets the endangered chick. Picture: Edinburgh Zoo/Contributed

“In that year a lot has happened at Penguins Rock, including the arrival of the first northern rockhopper chick born at the Zoo in over eight years, so it’s been very exciting.

“The pair met once the chick was big enough to move out of the penguin creche and into the large enclosure at Penguins Rock with the other gentoo, king and northern rockhopper penguins.

“They noticed each other and seem to get on very well. The chick has taken a liking to scurrying over when Sir Nils calls, which is fun to watch.

“They are both very special members of the penguin group.”

Sir Nils greets the endangered chick. Picture: Edinburgh Zoo/Contributed

Sir Nils was knighted in 2008, after the honour was approved by Norwegian king Harald V.

In August last year, Sir Nils was promoted to brigadier. A total of 120 Norwegian servicemen and women gathered at the zoo to attend the official ceremony.