Scottish school becomes first in UK to ban glitter

A Scottish primary school has become the first in the UK to ditch controversial plastic glitter in favour of a more eco-friendly biodegradable alternative.

Glitter has been banned from the school. Picture: Creativity103/Flickr/CC 2.0

Pupils from Logan primary school, in East Ayrshire, are now using plant-based Craft Bioglitter, which degrades in around four weeks, in all its art and craft lessons. The move to the more environmentally-friendly alternative, rather than using traditional polyester glitter, comes after the clampdown on microplastic pollution, caused by products like glitter.

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Louise Baillie, principal teacher at the school which is working to achieve the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, said ordinary plastic glitter could be problematic for the environment.“Glitter is a product that is loved but there is a huge stigma surrounding it because it is a microplastic which basically falls off everywhere and can find its way easily into the natural environment.”

Craft Bioglitter, developed by UK firm Ronald Britton, is 92 per cent plastic-free. The company aims to launch a completely plastic-free version this year.