Scotsman partners with Wave Energy Scotland

Chris Retzler (left) and Cameron McNatt of Mocean Energy. Picture: Ian GeorgesonChris Retzler (left) and Cameron McNatt of Mocean Energy. Picture: Ian Georgeson
Chris Retzler (left) and Cameron McNatt of Mocean Energy. Picture: Ian Georgeson
The Scotsman has partnered with Wave Energy Scotland to highlight the potential of wave energy to the Scottish economy.

The campaign will examine the benefits wave energy could bring Scotland in terms of economic opportunity and moving our economy to a more sustainable model.

The series will run in print, online and our social media channels throughout 2020.

It will speak to key figures within Wave Energy Scotland, the Scottish Government and companies associated with the renewables sector.

We will also follow the progress of two companies who are working with Wave Energy Scotland on ground-breaking wave energy technologies.

Tim Hurst, managing director of Wave Energy Scotland, said: "Scotland is in a uniquely powerful position when it comes to wave energy with its engineering capability, maritime history, world-leading research into marine energy and established oil and gas sector. We also have strong political support for developing the sector.

"The locations of wave farms tend to line up with economically fragile areas where high value jobs are hard to come by, populations are declining and unemployment is higher than the norm."

"Wave energy has the potential to transform these communities economically."

Cameron McNatt, founder and managing director of Mocean Energy, is working with Wave Energy Scotland on a device that could provide power to off-shore oil platforms and believes that Scotland could become an exporter of wave energy technology.

He said: "Off-shore wind is a huge industry but the technology is built overseas in American and Scandinavia.

"We have the opportunity with wave energy to own the technology and export the ideas and expertise developed here in Scotland to other countries."

Scotsman commercial editor, Stephen Emerson, said the need for cleaner energy had never been more urgent.

"Scotland's natural assets mean it is well-positioned to become a key player on the global stage when it comes to wave energy, he said.

"We are delighted to be working closely with Wave Energy Scotland who have been instrumental in driving forward innovation in the country's wave energy industry.

"As the climate emergency becomes more urgent, the need for cleaner sources of energy has never been more urgent."

The Scotsman's partnership with Wave Energy Scotland is part of the title's Sustainable Scotland series which highlights companies and organisations which are helping to drive the country to sustainable ways of living and working.

For more information on how to become involved in the Sustainable Scotland series contact [email protected].

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