Reminder to steer clear of Scolty woods

Forestry and Land Scotland (FLS) is again asking visitors to its woodlands to avoid Scolty Woods so as not to cause any unnecessary delay to the efforts to open up the forest for safe access.

The woods have been closed for safety reasons after being significantly damaged in the series of storms earlier this year.

However, members of the public continue to disregard safety and closure signage and enter the woodlands resulting in considerable delays as FLS machine operators need to stop all works until those people have left the site.

Fiona Robertson, area Visitor Services manager, said: “We understand that people want to enjoy the great weather and enjoy a relaxing, soothing stroll in the woods but arriving at a destination that is closed because of storm damage is not helping anyone.

It's hoped Scolty Woods will reopen in a matter of weeks.

“The amount of damage that we have had to deal with at a number of locations is taxing our resources but we are making steady progress.

“We’re aiming to re-open enough of the woods to allow safe access to Scolty Hill within two to three weeks but this is not going to happen if we are continually having to stop work.

“Please avoid Scolty Woods for a while longer and we’ll be able to get the clear-up work completed much sooner.”

Some forests and car parks will remain closed for some time until the health and safety risk from fallen trees and storm debris is cleared and forest access made safe.

The woods have been closed following significant storm damage.

Members of the public are advised to check for the latest updates on which forests in the area are open.