Polar bear gets new Highland Wildlife Park enclosure

THE UK’s only female polar bear has entered her new enclosure for the first time.

Victoria explores her new enclosure at the Highland Wildlife Park. Picture: Hemedia

Victoria was introduced to the Highland Wildlife Park as a potential mate for Arktos, who lives there with fellow male Walker.

Her presence at the Kingussie park has sparked hopes it may see the birth of a polar bear cub in the future.

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Today, she stepped into her own custom-built enclosure, which features a pond and soft areas of ground, as well as space for her to explore.

Victoria’s enclosure is completely separate from that of the males, mimicking the behaviour of polar bears in the wild who only come together to mate.

The female bear arrived from Aalborg Zoo in Denmark on March 25. She was born in December 1996 at Rostock Zoo in Germany.