New bin lorries take to the roads North Lanarkshire

A fleet of new bin lorries has taken to the streets after North Lanarkshire Council took delivery of 24 vehicles.

Councillor Michael McPake with John Stewart , assistant business manager of Fleet Operations

The Mercedes Benz Econic lorries meet the latest European standards for emissions and have a number of safety features, including an automatic emergency braking system and a four-way camera system to give the driver full visibility.

Each lorry can carry 10.5 tonnes of material which is compacted as collections are carried out, giving increased capacity and making them more efficient.

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Councillor Michael McPake, convener of the Environment and Transportation Committee, said: “Our bin lorries cover 10,000 miles across North Lanarkshire every week, collecting approximately 2500 tonnes of product so it’s important they are efficient, reliable and economic.

“The increased capacity means more bins can be collected on each route, leading to fewer journeys and the reduced emissions are contributing to improved air quality.

“By operating a robust vehicle replacement programme the council is ensuring we have a modern fleet with the latest safety features, and we can keep our maintenance costs down.”

The council also added five new compact sweepers to its fleet to be used in town centres and local streets.

Visit or call Northline on 01698 403110 for more information about the council’s bin lorry services including when pick-ups are made, ways to increase recycling and to report any issues.