Leader comment: Turbines must not threaten tourism

It's easy to dismiss opposition to the siting of wind farms as the predictable reaction of the determined Nimby.

Windfarms are here to stay, but that doesn't mean we should accept them anywhere and everywhere.

In some instances, that may indeed be the case. But that doesn’t mean new wind farms should be thrown up without consideration for those who live nearby.

A new report suggests that turbines in areas of scenic beauty could be a turn-off for tourists. We reject these concerns at our peril.

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The erection of turbines must be planned sensitively and, wherever possible, wind farms must not be allowed to scar beauty spots. One of Scotland’s greatest assets is its breathtaking scenery. Another “asset” is the weather that makes wind farms viable.

Across the globe, governments are trying to find cleaner, greener power sources; wind farms are, then, here to stay. But our support for their use comes with the caveat that their location should be thoughtfully chosen.

If the race to meet renewable energy targets means turbines are erected too readily, then the impact on local residents and Scottish tourism might not be prices worth paying.