Global warning: Google rolls out new ‘extreme heat’ alerts as climate change sends temperatures rocketing

Google has launched a new feature to help people prepare for extremely hot weather as global temperatures continue to rise and heatwaves become increasingly common.

The global tech giant is rolling out ‘extreme heat’ alerts in its Search platform. These alerts will show when a heatwave is predicted to start and end, how hot it is likely to get, advice on keeping cool and a list of other health concerns to consider.

The company, which is working with the Global Heat Health Information Network (GHHIN) to ensure the information surfaced is relevant and accurate, says the move is part of a drive to help people stay safe and adapt to today’s hotter temperatures, which are occurring more frequently.

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Extreme heat kills nearly 500,000 people across the world each year, and heat-related deaths are on the rise as climate change continues to warm the planet.

Google analytics show people often turn to the internet with questions about how to stay safe during extreme weather events, including heatwaves.

“At Google we’re focused on helping communities prepare for and adapt to the effects of rising heat,” Adam Elman, Google’s head of sustainability in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, said.

“To surface authoritative and helpful information in these moments, we’ve rolled out extreme heat alerts in Search. When people search for information on extreme heat, they’ll see details on when a heatwave is predicted to start and end, tips on staying cool, and related health concerns to be aware of – all prominently displayed in Search results.”

Other climate-related services on Google include satellite-tracking of wildfires and flood alerts.



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