Fife councillor brands upkeep of cemetery '˜unacceptable'

A Fife Councillor has raised concerns over the upkeep of a local cemetery.

Conservative councillor Darren Watt was alerted to problems at Beath Cemetery by his constituents.

After a visit, he called the state of the area “unacceptable” and said that he would raise a number of concerns over the grounds.

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Cllr Watt said: “Over the weekend I received a number of complaints regarding the state of Beath Cemetery in Cowdenbeath.

“I decided to visit and see for myself the issues raised and I must admit I was very disappointed with what I saw. I completely understand why those visiting their lost loved ones are so upset and angry.”

He continued: “The issues include the limited number of bins available which seem to be constantly overflowing.

“There’s overgrown grass and weeds along the gravesides and several large potholes particularly at the main entrance.

“Dog fouling appears to be another major issue.

“Overall, the standard is very poor and Fife Council must step up and show more care and compassion by ensuring all area are kept clean, tidy and well maintained at all times.

“Family members and friends visit this cemetery throughout the year and it can often be an emotional and distressing experience.

“Fife Council must do everything they can to minimise visitors stress and help make them feel welcome and relaxed. It’s the very least they can do.”

Local resident Margaret Davidson regularly visits the graveside of her daughter who passed away at just 11 days old.

Margaret said: “The current state of the cemetery is disgraceful, disrespectful and downright heartbreaking.

“It is supposed to be a tranquil place where we visit our loved ones.

“I get very upset when visiting my daughter’s graveside but was particularly upset during my last visit as there was evidence of damage and dog fouling.

“There is no excuse and would like to see Fife Council make a much better effort maintaining our cemetery.”