Extinction Rebellion target Glasgow petrol station in latest protest

Members of climate change activist group Extinction Rebellion blocked the entrance to a petrol station for about 20 minutes this afternoon.

Extinction Rebellion activists block Shell petrol station in latest protest

The protesters held up a large banner saying 'Fuelling our extinction' in the entrance to Shell on Eglinton Toll.

Motorists were blocked from using the petrol station for about seven minutes before the activists moved.

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After letting a few cars in, they then blocked the entrance again for another seven minutes and repeated this move a third time.

The protesters also conversed with drivers who were trying to use the petrol station during that time.

Jack Healy, an Extinction Rebellion volunteer at the Glasgow protest today, said “We’re taking this action today because Shell and the rest of the fossil fuel industry are at the root of the climate crisis.

“They’ve been wilfully concealing the truth about the climate crisis for thirty years. I can’t understand how, even now, while Australia is burning, they keep on extracting more and more climate-destroying oil and gas.

“They’re one of the the biggest energy company in the world and their greed is reducing our chance of keeping the Earth habitable.”

The action is part of a two-week-long Extinction Rebellion campaign against the fossil fuel industry.

Rig Rebellion 2.0 began on January 6 when three women scaled the VALARIS 122 gas rig in Dundee harbour.

Protests also took place in Edinburgh where activists demanded 'real leadership' from the Scottish Government.