Extinction Rebellion protesters target Scottish Power HQ to demand action on energy bills

Protesters targeted the HQ of Scottish Power to demand action on energy bills - amid fears a third of Glaswegians are facing fuel poverty.
Activists protesting outside the Scottish Power HQ in Glasgow.Activists protesting outside the Scottish Power HQ in Glasgow.
Activists protesting outside the Scottish Power HQ in Glasgow.

Demonstrators from Extinction Rebellion sat down at the front of the building with blankets, sleeping bags and hot water bottles, while others held banners reading 'Energy For All' and 'No New Oil & Gas'. Hot soup is being dished out to participants.

The protest was one of several Warm-Ups taking place across the UK in towns and cities including Brighton, Bristol, Liverpool and London in support of both Fuel Poverty Action's Energy For All campaign, and the Don't Pay UK strike. National Energy Action estimates around 2.2 million people have fallen into fuel poverty in the past year raising the total figure to 6.7 million in the UK, expected to climb to 8.6 million when bills rise once again in April 2023.

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Earlier this year Energy Action Scotland estimated that this would apply to more than a third of the Glasgow population. James Grant, 60, said 'I've cancelled my direct debit due to the profiteering of big energy suppliers and generators. This profiteering has led to people being denied their basic universal right to access energy.

"As these companies and the government are failing to keep us warm at home, we have the right to go where we want and keep warm together.''

The Energy For All campaign calls for a universal, free amount of energy to cover people's necessities like heating, lighting and cooking. This would be paid for by ending all public money going towards fossil fuel subsidies, windfall taxes on energy company profits and implementing higher tariffs on excessive, luxury energy use.

A petition for the demand received over 650,000 signatures from the public, helping to prompt the Proposed Energy Equity Commission Bill in parliament.

Stuart Bretherton, Fuel Poverty Action, Energy For All Campaign Coordinator, said, 'Energy For All would achieve what our energy system and economy should ultimately be geared towards, ensuring everyone's basic needs are met. Ordinary people cannot keep footing the bill for crises created by the wealthy.

"It's time for the big polluters and profiteers to pay their share. Through this we could also incentivise much needed climate action on home insulation and a transition to renewables."



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