Extinction Rebellion: Climate activists target Scottish cities in three weeks of protests

Climate protesters have launched a three-week campaign of civil disobedience targeting Scotland’s cities, with a series of “synchronised creative protests”.

Extinction Rebellion Scotland are focusing their campaign on fossil fuels, finance and politics.

Extinction Rebellion Scotland say there will be non-violent direct action throughout Scotland, including banner drops, flyposting, stickering, street performances, and silent vigils, taking place in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dundee, Aberdeen, Inverness, Stirling.

The civil disobedience campaign, which has been titled Make the Connections, aims to highlight collusion between the finance sector, government, and the fossil fuel industry, with an emphasis on North Sea oil and gas.

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Starting today, each of the three weeks will focus on a different aspect, with this week’s subject being government, finance being targeted between October 12-18, and fossil fuels between October 19-25.

According to a statement released by Extinction Rebellion Scotland, there will be a series of “synchronised creative protests” in several locations simultaneously, on October 26, when the Scottish Parliament reconvenes after the October recess.

The group says face masks and social distancing will be used at events and the use of track and trace systems is being promoted.

It also adds that travelling long distances, especially on public transport, has been discouraged in favour of decentralised local action in small groups.

The protests aim to highlight First Minister Nicola Sturgeon’s intent to use fossil fuels to aid economic recovery, which she outlined at the Oil and Gas UK Conference in 2017.

She said: “Our primary aim is to maximise economic recovery of [oil and gas] reserves”, stating a hope that a further 20 billion barrels of oil will be extracted.

Extinction Rebellion Scotland’s Sarah Krischer said: “We are already witnessing the effects of climate and ecological breakdown.

"The Scottish government cannot continue to put the interests of fossil fuel industry bosses ahead of the workers and the planet.

“The finance sector have painted investments in oil and gas as a safe option, while turning a blind eye to environmental destruction.

“Scotland must truly become ‘climate leaders’ and pivot towards a greener future.

"However, this can only happen if we end this toxic collusion between the Scottish Government, Big Finance and the fossil fuel industry.”