E.ON's Simon Duncan on the Highlands and Islands Green Energy Conference

As a representative of E.ON, I am thrilled to share our immense pride in being the headline sponsors of the Highlands and Islands Green Energy Conference, writes Simon Duncan, director of B2B Solutions at E.ON.
Simon Duncan, director of B2B Solutions at E.ONSimon Duncan, director of B2B Solutions at E.ON
Simon Duncan, director of B2B Solutions at E.ON

This premier event served as a testament to our commitment to sustainable energy and the development of green solutions for a better future.

The conference brought together industry leaders, policymakers, researchers, and enthusiasts to discuss and collaborate on the pressing issues around green energy.

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One of the key reasons we were proud to be the headline sponsors was the conference’s focus on the Highlands and Islands. This region has immense potential for further renewable energy sources and decarbonisation, and the conference shed light on harnessing this potential.

The conference programme was a rich tapestry of engaging discussions, insightful presentations, and impactful workshops. Eminent speakers shared their expertise on various topics, including a net-zero economy, the future of Scotland’s energy systems, skills, building development, decarbonisation, social value, community wealth, and the challenges and opportunities for the region.

These discussions not only educated attendees but also inspired them to think critically and act proactively.

Furthermore, the conference fostered invaluable networking opportunities, enabling people to connect with industry leaders, potential partners, and stakeholders.

These connections are essential in driving collaboration and forging strategic alliances that can accelerate the adoption of sustainable energy solutions.

In the 15 European countries we operate in, this approach has become a recipe for the most successful regions, with the boldest of commitments to drive change and push the boundaries of what’s possible.

At E.ON, we firmly believe that a sustainable future is achievable when businesses, communities, and policymakers come together to inspire learning, create jobs, invest in companies and communities, cut red tape, and give back to the communities they serve.

The Highlands and Islands Green Energy Conference exemplified this spirit of collaboration, serving as a catalyst for positive change.

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