Edinburgh climate change blockade LIVE: Arrests made as hundreds of protesters gather| City Centre delays|

Arrests have been made at the climate change protest on Edinburgh’s North Bridge which is causing major traffic disruption in city centre.

The Extinction Rebellion group is planning to create the roadblock between 3pm and 9pm as part of a worldwide call for governments and councils to declare a climate emergency.

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19.56 - Lively crowd remains at the scene

The scene at North Bridge. Pic: Bill Coles

The arrests are met with cheers from the remaining activists. Following a few moments of silence, they begin singing again.

19.52 - Last of protesters not willing to move are taken away

The remainder of the campaigners who refused to move from next to the wall of police officers have been removed.

19.40 - Around 20 arrests made at climate change protest

Our reporter at the scene has said he believes around 20 people have been arrested so far during the protest on North Bridge.

19.34 - More arrests made on North Bridge

Further people have been carried away with just a few protesters left now who have refused to move.

19.22 - Protesters still in high spirits despite arrests

A wheelchair user has now been taken away by police. More than 150 activists remain on North Bridge surrounded by dozens of officers.

19.15 - Protester carried away

Demonstrators cheer as a protester is carried away by officers after refusing to move.

19.03 - Muppet moved on

The scene on North Bridge. Pic: Lisa Ferguson

An activist dressed as Kermit the frog has just been led away by police officers.

18.59 - Final warning from police

Police are moving protesters up North Bridge, including the lines of people sat down one by one.

18.52 - “We shall not be moved”

Activists are holding their ground with lines of protesters now sitting in front of a wall of police officers. They are saying they are staying put despite further warnings from a senior officer.

18.33 - Police threaten more protesters with arrest

A senior police officer addresses the crowds saying “our intention is to reopen the roadway - arrest tactics maybe used”.

Activists respond with chants of “do not let our planet down”,

18.25 - Arrests made

Three arrested at the corner of Waterloo Place and Leith Street. Police heard to be quoting the Public Order Act in restricting the movements of activists.

18.15 - Police move protesters

Police seen moving a handful of protesters off Princes Street

18.05 - Police move protesters

Activists have been moved to the Princes Street end of North Bridge. More than 100 people are still gathered.

16:20 - Fancy Dress

Some of the activists are in fancy dress - including a Chinese-style dragon - and singing climate change themed songs.

One set of activists, seemingly preparing for the long haul, have even erected a gazebo in case the weather turns.

16:15 - Carnival Atmosphere

Extinction Rebellion Scotland has tweeted: “There’s a carnival atmosphere at the #NorthBridge #InternationalRebellion roadblock! Even the dead are dancing.”

16:10 - ‘I approve, as long as it’s nonviolent’

Nearby office workers are broadly in favour of the demonstration.

Software tester Euan Black, 30, said: “I think it’s great to be honest. I think they’re doing a pretty good thing raising awareness.

“It’s a lot of disruption but I approve, as long as it’s nonviolent.”

16:08 - ‘Police will start arresting people at some point’

It’s unclear how long the activists were intending to stay but one said: “as long as it takes but I think the police will start arresting people at some point.”

15:55 - ‘Business as usual is killing us all’

Activist Anna Fisk said: “were doing this because business as usual is killing us all.

“We’re in a climate crisis and we want governments to take action as if it’s an emergency.

“We’ll be causing this disruption today and will continue to do so until they take the action needed.”

15:52 - Speeches

Activists have been shouting slogans calling for an end to climate change and cheering speakers who demanded urgent government action.

15:46 - Reports of up to 500 protesters gathered

People at the scene are reporting about 100 protestors stood the Balmoral, with another 400 people towards the Royal Mile.

15:41 - Borders Buses

Borders Buses have also tweeted that their X62/X95 and 51/52 services will be terminating and departing from Chambers Street until further notice.

15:38 - 200 turnout

About 200 protesters have gathered at North Bridge

15:33 - City Centre delays

Edinburgh Travel News, which is run by members of the city council’s roads team, has tweeted: “City centre delays - George IV Bridge/The Mound, Chambers Street, St Mary’s Street/The Pleasance, Canongate and Market Street.”

15:26 - Bus diversions: Service number 5

Due to a road closure, buses are unable to serve North Bridge and Leith Street. Buses are diverted via Chambers Street, George IV Bridge, The Mound, Queen Street and York Place in both directions until further notice.

15:25 - Bus diversions: Services 7, 8, 14, 49

Due to a road closure, buses are unable to serve North Bridge and Leith Street. Buses are diverted via Chambers Street, George IV Bridge, The Mound, Queen Street and York Place in both directions until further notice.

15:22 - Bus diversions: Services 29, 31, 37

Due to a road closure, buses are unable to serve North Bridge and part of Princes Street. Buses are diverted via Chambers Street, George IV Bridge, The Mound, George Street and Frederick Street in both directions until further notice.

15:20 - Bus diversions: Services 3, 30, 33

Due to a road closure, buses are unable to serve part of Lothian Road, Princes Street and North Bridge. Buses are diverted via West Approach Road, Lothian Road, Brougham Street, Melville Drive and Hope Park Terrace in both directions until further notice.

14:51 - Bus services could be affected

Lothian Buses has tweeted a link to an Edinburgh police statement, which says: “We are aware of a planned demonstration in the city centre this afternoon and will provide a proportionate response. We have a duty to prevent crime and disorder, balancing the qualified rights of protestors with the rights of the wider public under ECHR”

In their tweet, Lothian Buses wrote: “If this has any affect on our bus services we will let you know. Keep an eye on our feed for updates.”

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Protestors have turned out in numbers. Pic: Lisa Ferguson
Some of the protesters at Norh Bridge today. Pic: Lisa Ferguson
Police are patrolling at this afternoon's protest. Pic: Lisa Ferguson
Pic: Lisa Ferguson
Some pleased looking protesters. Pic: Lisa Ferguson