Double axle trailer ban to continue at Fife recycling centres

A ban on the use of double axle trailers in Fife recycling centres is to remain in place after a review.

Their use to dump waste was halted in August 2018, after it was found that a number of commercial operators were also using the facilities to get rid of  their rubbish

Councillors at Fife Council’s environment and protective services committee on Thursday agreed that the ban should remain in place, in line with officer recommendations.

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However, people who want to dispose of household waste using a double axle trailer will get permission if they email prior to visiting and fill out a declaration form.

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Robin Baird, chief operating officer at Fife Resource Solutions, said: “We keep checks on who is coming in to dispose of waste. If it’s genuine household, you’d expect a lower usage of the centres than commercial.

“We will monitor over a period to see if there’s excessive use by any one individual, to make sure no one is abusing the system.”

Cllr Tim Brett asked if they had identified anyone in the last six months that may appear to be abusing the recycling centres.

Mr Baird said: “None at the moment I would be happy to to commit to pointing the finger at, but certainly one that is concerning enough to have that recommendation for me to come back and monitor the situation moving forward.”

Councillor Ross Vettriano, convener of the committee  said: “Recycling commercial waste is costing the council in excess of £1.5m every year.

“The council has a duty of care but people are coming in and dumping stuff and contravening the law. It has not been easy, but the officers are dealing well with it.”