Puffins are among Scotland's most at risk species due to climate change (Photo: Getty Images via Canva Pro)

COP26: 10 Scottish species at risk due to climate change - from puffins to mountain hares

As COP26 unfolds in Glasgow, here are 10 Scottish species under serious threat from climate change.

When we think of animals threatened by climate change, we often think of polar bears, penguins, tigers and snow leopards.

But here in Scotland one in nine species is at risk of extinction. Rising temperatures are having a serious impact on our wildlife – with WWF singling out two of our species as some of the most in jeopardy in the entire world.

Sheila George of WWF Scotland said: “Even small increases in temperature threaten many of the plants and animals that not only make Scotland unique, but that we also depend on for food and pollination.

"That’s why it’s so vital the COP26 climate talks in Glasgow are a success and agreement is reached to keep global temperatures below 1.5 degrees. World leaders must agree targets, and the actions necessary to achieve them, to keep the natural world we rely on safe and thriving for us and future generations.”

Here are 10 magnificent species found here in Scotland which are threatened by climate change.

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