CCTV to help curb fly-tipping in Falkirk street

Residents in a Falkirk street are hoping that CCTV will stop fly-tipping on their doorstep.

Falkirk Council has been using the cameras as a deterent in well-known rubbish dumping hot spots.

In the last five years it has cost the local authority £500,000 to clear up after 7218 incidents.

The latest area to have the CCTV installed is in Stewart Road, close to Falkirk town centre.

Councillor Robert Bissett, has been campaigning for its installation for the last year. He said: “The fly-tipping lying around this area makes it an eyesore.”

A Falkirk Council spokesperson said: “At this location, it’s too early to say how effective it will be, however we have seen a reduction elsewhere.”