Carbrain residents told they will have to remove fly tipping themselves

North Lanarkshire Council is investigating who is responsible for fly tipping in a Carbrain street, but warned residents they will need to arrange to have it tidied up themselves.

A washing machine and other broken white goods are among the items which have been dumped around Millcroft Road and Greenrigg

Piles of rubbish including broken white goods, dozens of plastic bags and various other detritus has been dumped in the area around Millcroft Road and Greenrigg.

Local resident Jan McLaughlin captured a video showing the extent of the problem which she shared with the News & Chronicle.

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She said: I have growing concerns about the amount of fly tipping in my area and I have contacted North Lanarkshire Council, but nothing has been done.”

The council agreed the fly tipping is unacceptable, but says cleaning it up is not their responsibility.

However CCTV has been installed in the area and investigations are under way to identify who may be responsible.

A spokesperson said: “We absolutely agree the irresponsible fly tipping and amount of waste in the area around Millcroft Road and Greenrigg is unacceptable and is having a detrimental impact on the local community.

“It is the responsibility of residents to dispose of their own waste, not the council. The properties in these streets are privately owned and let, there are no factors to maintain the buildings and common areas, and irresponsible tenants regularly dump rubbish in the streets and gardens, spoiling the area for all residents.

“As a result, the council is repeatedly having to remove fly tipping and dumped waste at significant cost, which we simply cannot afford to do. The money wasted on this could be much better spent on other services.

“We would encourage residents to use the council’s special uplift service to remove household waste or dispose of their waste free of charge at the local recycling centre.”

“If we can identify those responsible for such thoughtless behaviour, we can take action against them and I would urge residents to report any incidents they see on 01698 403110 and provide as much detail as possible.

“We have installed CCTV cameras in the area to gather evidence, officers will assess the latest incidents of fly tipping and people should be in no doubt that we will take enforcement action against any individual identified.”