Bonnybridge residents say: '˜Deal with these droppings'

Bonnybridge residents say the massive amount of droppings produced by pigeons and other birds under a railway bridge is becoming a real eyesore and fear it could be a health hazard.

Pupils from nearby Antonine Primary School and St Joseph’s Primary School regularly walk under the bridge, Near the entrance of Central Demolition, in Broomhill Road and trudge through the mass of droppings.

Residents have contacted both Falkirk Council and Network Rail about the problem and as yet have had no joy in getting the matter cleaned up.

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According to May Dick, one of the concerned householders, the council told her it is the responsibility of Network Rail to clean up the mess. She is still awaiting a response from Network Rail.

The Falkirk Herald contacted Network Rail this week to try and find out if they were responsible for the maintenance of the bridge and is still awaiting a response.

Resident May Dick hopes they do not use netting to try and solve the problem because that has been known to harm, and in some cases, kill the birds who are nesting.