A flood of prevention advice at Bute Community Council meeting

People are being urged to attend the latest Bute Community Council meeting next week to hear tips on how best to prevent your home or business from flooding.

Flooding in Rothesay. Photo by Ronnie Falconer.
Flooding in Rothesay. Photo by Ronnie Falconer.

Scottish Flood Forum’s recovery operations manager Paul Hendy will give a talk on ‘The Work of Scottish Flood Forum and Flood Protection of Properties’ at the next Bute Community Council meeting in Bute Museum next Wednesday (February 20) at 7pm.

Paul will have examples of various flood protection products on display at the meeting.

In addition, these items will be displayed in Rothesay Library between 2pm and 5pm prior to the meeting.

Ronnie Falconer, Bute Community Council member with responsibility for the emergency plan, himself a retired flood risk management worker, asked Paul to attend.

He said:“Paul has been involved in the flood forum for about 10 years. It fulfils a very important role.

“These flood protection devices are fitted to properties. They are quite effective in reducing the damage and impact of flooding. We thought it would be good for people to know that these devices exist and it’s something they can do themselves.

“People have got sandbags but these devices are much more effective in protecting premises. Paul will talk about what can be done to make your property better protected from flooding.

“I would also encourage people to come along to the library in the afternoon as there will be more time to talk to Paul about flood prevention.”

The Scottish Flood Forum is an independent organisation which works with the Scottish Government, helping communities prepare for and deal with flooding.

Speaking about flooding issues on Bute, Ronnie added: “We have got the flood wall in Rothesay, which was built about 10-12 years ago. It certainly is effective in taking away the worst of the flooding. There was a very severe flooding in 1991 and I suppose the flood wall was built in response to that. But we have seen that flooding can still occur in Rothesay town centre.”

Ronnie is also responsible for the community council’s Bute Emergency Plan.

He said: “The emergency plan was set-up after the big storm six or seven years ago. There was a prolonged power outage, for about a week.
“In response to that the community council prepared a community emergency plan. And when that was completed I was subsequently asked to be community emergency manager.
“I was more than happy to do that and do what I can.
“I had 40 years experience in flooding during my career and also I have experience with emergency plan exercises.”
Ronnie added that climate change increases the chance of future flooding on Bute.