Election night events in Scotland

The election is finally upon us. After months of campaigning, the polls are open and the public are ready to make their decision. But once you've decided which party you'd like to see in power, there's another pressing question to answer '“ how will you spend election night? Here are some of the most exciting General Election-themed events happening in Scotland.

PopArt will be performing their new single at Sweeneys On the Park (Photograph: PopArt)
PopArt will be performing their new single at Sweeneys On the Park (Photograph: PopArt)


Demsoc’s Election Night Party

(12 South Charlotte Street EH2 4AX, from 9pm, admission: free)

Picture: Boy Better Vote night in Aberdeen tonight, Facebook
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The Democratic Society are hosting an election night gathering at their office in New Town. They’ll be screening election coverage, and supplying guests with food and drink until the early hours. Plus, there are election-themed games to be played. Pin the Speaker on the Chair, anyone?


PopArt at Sweeney’s on the Park

(962 Pollokshaws Rd G41 2ET, from 8pm, admission: free)

Picture: Boy Better Vote night in Aberdeen tonight, Facebook

PopArt Scottish musical comedy group, PopArt, are performing a free and acoustic election night special at Sweeney’s on the Park. Cast your vote, then prepare to sing along to their new single, Politics 2017: Mugwump.

Milk Fridays: Boy Better Vote!

(Kushion, 158 Bath Street G2 4TB, from 10.30pm, admission: free entry for students before 11.30pm)

Regardless of the result, start your weekend with Milk Fridays Boy Better Vote grime night, which celebrates the #Grime4Corbyn cause. There is set to be a range of classic grime hits from the last few years and a promise of some general election treats thrown in.


The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui

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(Tay Square, Dundee DD1 1PB, from 7pm, admission: £14 per ticket)

More politically-lead then election-based, The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui - a parable play – is a witty and savage parable of the rise of Hitler, recast by German playwright Bertolt Brecht into a small-time Chicago gangster’s takeover of the city’s greengrocery trade. Written when Brecht was a refugee in Finland, the Dundee Rep Ensemble give their take on this lively, funny and thought-provoking play.


Milk Thursdays: Boy Better Vote!

(Nox, 2 Justice Mill Lane AB11 6EN, from 10.30pm, contact for guestlist)

This election/grime special is one way to party as the results come in tonight. Playing ‘hunners’ of grime favourites, the night celebrates all things Corbyn with the hashtag #GRIME4CORBYN. For those wanting to start early, the pre-party is set to kick of in Paramount.

HoH & Friends Election Special

(Tunnels Aberdeen, Carnegies Brae AB10 1BF, from 11pm, admission: free until 12.30pm)

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If you can’t make it out tonight then head to this election-inspired club night at House of House in The Tunnels. Promising a night of residents and friends playing (you guessed it) house music, this is one way to dance your away your joy or sorrow at the results.


And remember, if you take a selfie outside your polling station before or after voting today and show it to staff at a BrewDog bar, you can claim a free beer. Now that’s the start of a good night tonight, no matter what the results are.