Eight unique social networking platforms

Social networking platforms like Facebook and Twitter have dominated social media chat for a number of years now, leaving little scope for new apps that are trying out different things. We take a closer look at unique apps that are changing the way we communicate
Meet My Dog allows dogs to connect. Picture: wikimedia.orgMeet My Dog allows dogs to connect. Picture: wikimedia.org
Meet My Dog allows dogs to connect. Picture: wikimedia.org

Sometimes a cuddle makes everything better. Or at least, this is what the creators of Spoonr (formally known as Cuddlr) think .

Spoonr is a social networking site that is designed to help individuals meet up for a bit of platonic cuddling. It uses the same GPRS technology as Tinder and Grindr in the hope of helping people who are relatively close by, connect through their smartphones and eventually form meaningful human relationships.

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Not unlike popular social networking sites Facebook and Tumblr, Ello allows users to forge new connections, share written updates, photos and videos. One thing that makes Ello stand out is its no nonsense approach to advertising. It’s unique selling point is that is won’t have forced advertising or sell your information to third parties.

This could signal the start of a new anti-advertising trend in new apps.

Yo is the bizarre social networking app which aims to enable users to communicate while dramatically reducing communication.

When it was first established the app allowed users to only send the word yo to each other. If you want to let someone know you’re thinking about them, all you have to do it is yo - according to the developers.

Somewhat unsurprisingly, constantly receiving yo’s got a bit boring so the app now also notifies you of the newest and most relevant content from a number of website.

By some cruel twist of fate, dogs are unable to use social networking. In order to try and fix this major injustice, developers of Meet My Dog have created a way for dogs to meet other dogs without having to lift a paw. The app allows dog owners to connect with others in their area to set up puppy play dates and allow friendship to prevail. Dogs want to play with their friends, just like us, according to the website.

Yik Yak lets users post anything and everything anonymously. Brief comments are posted to 500 people who are geographically closest about anything from personal opinions, local information and simple questions which can then be up or downvoted. Of course, giving users free reign to say anything they want will have its downfalls but this is yet to affect the apps popularity.

Hyper combines a few social media ideas including Instagram and Reddit. The platform will allow users to share photos but also holds an up and down voting system. Hyper also features tags that enable users to discover new things happening in their area.

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RunPee is less social networking app and more bare essential for those who suffer from first world problems. RunPee tells cinema goers when the best time to go to the toilet during a movie is and fills them in on what they’ve missed. The app gives moviegoers warnings, through vibrating, when they can empty their bladder without missing any significant plot points.

Bitstrips allows users to connect with friends through to medium of art. Users can create a comic book strip of friends depicting hilarious situations and set-ups which can then be shared on Facebook.