Eigg and spoon man in fight to save bluebells

A CROFTER who played the spoons at Madonna's wedding to Guy Ritchie has launched a crusade to save Scottish bluebells.

Eddie Scott is collecting seeds on his native Eigg in an effort to protect the species from cross-breeding with an imported Spanish variety - which has occurred on the UK mainland.

"The bluebells on Eigg have never been exposed to the Spanish variety so have not cross bred to become hybrids," said Mr Scott, who had to gain special government permission to collect the seeds, due to the flower's special protected status.

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"In a lot of places the hybrids and Spanish bluebells have driven the native ones to the brink of extinction."

Mr Scott, who has a croft at Cleadale and teaches spoon-playing at the Celtic Connections festival, said the seeds' purity had been verified by the Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh.