Edinburgh residents ‘most sensible in UK’

THE douce residents of Edinburgh have long been gently mocked for their strait-laced and determined adherence to respectability and order, and a new study has confirmed the good citizens of the Scottish capital are indeed the most sensible people in Britain.

The research shows that people from Edinburgh are the wisest when it comes to planning finances and even dressing appropriately for the weather. Despite all the evidence of the tram debacle to the contrary, the research found that Edinburghers are also best at organising travel.

The report in addition suggests women are more sensible than men and that people get wiser as they get older.

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Planning for the future by setting up a private pension is something 57 per cent of those from Edinburgh do, compared to only 47 per cent of people from Bristol, which was outed as the city with the least common sense.

Also, a canny 18 per cent of Edinburgh natives always make sure they check the weather forecast before heading out.

Comparatively, the amount of people in Bristol who do so is just 13 per cent, while 39 per cent claim never to bother at all.

Aberdonians, the second most sensible citizens of Britain, were found to be thrifty when it comes to travel – on average they will book a train ticket 17 days in advance to get a discount.

The research shows that 78 per cent of people from Edinburgh shop around for the most economic household utility providers at least once a year. In contrast, the figure of those from Bristol who would do the same is 69 per cent.

Guaranteeing at least seven hours of sleep each night is a priority for 68 per cent of Edinburgh’s population, but it is down at 57 per cent in Bristol.

However, the survey of 2,600 UK adults, carried out by the trainline.com, found there was no clear link between being sensible and being healthy. Only 16 per cent of Aberdonians would do some daily exercise.

Men are more likely to skip breakfast than women as only 52 per cent eat their so-called “most important meal of the day”, compared to 60 per cent of women. At 45 per cent, more women also feel they made more sensible decisions this year than last year – compared to only 36 per cent of men.

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The survey also took age into consideration and the most confident in having a healthy diet were those over 55.

Iain Hildreth, of thetrainline.com, said: “Whether it’s saving money on a train ticket or checking the weather forecast, common sense and planning ahead can go a long way in life.”

The people of Edinburgh have their say:

Lynne Ramsay, 64

“I think Edinburgh is quite a sensible place. The only way I check the weather forecast is to look out the window, though.”

Kristen Dillon, 20

“I’ve only been living here since January; I’m a student at the university and I guess the people are quite sensible here. It’s not like in Glasgow, where people talk to you in the street. They definitely dress appropriately for the weather. I guess I book in advance on the trains, there are always queues of people in the station.”

Calum Martin, 20

“With the possible exception of the trams, I’d say yes, Edinburgh is sensible. I completely watch the weather forecast every morning. To book tickets in advance, it would depend where I’m going, for long distance trips yes, always. Am I proud to live in the most sensible city in the UK? Very much so.”

Craig Rutherford, 31

“I don’t know how you’d quantify being sensible, really. I genuinely check the weather forecast a lot, I am known as being cheap for buying tickets in advance and not being flexible. I think Edinburgh is pretty sensible. I am an Aberdonian though, so maybe that’s why I book in advance!”

Ossian Osborne, 11

“I like Edinburgh. Sometimes people are silly. I live with students just across the road, they party a lot. They are noisy. I’m silly sometimes with my brothers. They annoy me sometimes and I annoy them back.”

Ronny Wiegand, 28

“I’ve lived here for nine years but I was born in Germany. Looking at the tram system, I’d say people here are less efficient. I’m quite sensible with my finances, I don’t really go wild.”

Top five most sensible cities in the UK:

1) Edinburgh

2) Aberdeen

3) London

4) Birmingham

5) Leicester

The five least sensible cities in the UK:

1) Bristol

2) Glasgow

3) Cardiff

4) Liverpool

5) Southampton