Edinburgh comedian claims his routine on Netflix has split up 2,500 couples

Edinburgh-based comedian Daniel Sloss has claimed that his Netflix show, which aired four days ago, has led to him splitting up couples.

The 28-year-old comic, originally from Fife, who now lives in Edinburgh, has made an international impact since streaming of two of his stand-up specials, Dark and Jigsaw, started on Tuesday on Netflix.

The shows have resulted in him trending across much of the globe.

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Now he claims that people are getting in touch saying that his show is responsible for their break-up.

Daniel Sloss on stage in 2013Daniel Sloss on stage in 2013
Daniel Sloss on stage in 2013

Speaking to the Daily Record he said: “The joke is 20 minutes long and was never intended to break couples up. It’s just a joyous effect of it.

“It’s a love letter to single people, pointing out that most of the time being single is better than being in a relationship.

“Turns out it resonates with people so much they’re dumping their s*** partners.

“Before Netflix, the tally was 500. It’s now more than 2500 – and those are only the confirmed numbers, people who have messaged me.

“I wouldn’t be shocked if it was four times higher.”

And many fans have taken to Twitter to inform him of their situation and break ups since watching. One fan tweeted: “I wanted to say you can add a divorce from a three-year emotionally abusive marriage to your list.

“I just finished watching your show and I was having doubts about whether or not I had made the right decision.

“However, the questions and situations you brought up confirmed that it’s OK to say that I deserve better.”

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Despite some of the positives, the comic admitted that not everyone is so understanding saying: “A bloke threatened to punch me in Edinburgh last year. He said, ‘I bought my girlfriend and her best friend tickets to your show. She came back and dumped me and said, ‘Ask Sloss’, so what the f***?’”

Although Netflix never give out viewing figures, the success of Sloss has not gone unnoticed, with a huge billboard along Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles erected since his show started streaming.

Daniel, who did his first stand-up show aged 17, said seeing his face on one of America’s most famous streets was “weird and amazing”.

He joked: “I have no idea why people say success is humbling. So far it has been nothing other than an ego boost, which I did not need.”