Edinburgh Airport unveils ‘new branding’ as . . . . Edinburgh Airport

When Edinburgh Airport announced it would be re-branding speculation turned to the terminal being re-named after one of the city’s finest. Could it be JK Rowling International? The Sir Sean Connery terminal? Or even the Sir Chris Hoy International.

After days of tease and intrigue, with officials sworn to secrecy, details were finally revealed last night as bosses hired out Edinburgh Castle to reveal the new identity as . . . Edinburgh Airport.

The facility does now have a new strapline “Where Scotland Meets The World”, a statement illustrated by a violet-clad logo depicting the terminal’s control tower, with a top to represent the city’s castle.

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The design was applauded although bosses admitted that it might appear less radical when compared to the rebranding of other UK airports.

Belfast is now called the George Best airport and Liverpool is named after John Lennon.

The work of Stafford Street-based design agency Taste, its boss said he hoped the public reception to the branding would be more positive than the “Incredinburgh” theme which caused a furious split between the council and city marketing chiefs last month.

Gus MacIntyre, who runs Taste with his wife, Claire, won a battle with two bigger agencies to land the contract.

He said: “I am very excited to see what the wider public think of it.

“Hopefully it will get a better reception than some other brandings of late.

“One thing that people felt strongly was that Edinburgh is a destination, not just an airport like, say, East Midlands. People take a lot of pride in the culture and heritage of the city.

“We showed about eight different styles but it was clear from a very early stage what people were warming to.

“I have to admit this wasn’t my favourite to begin with. I had an idea of incorporating the idea of a continuous flow of passengers by using the symbol for infinity, but it was clearly a bit too abstract.”

Airport chief executive Gordon Dewar said the rebranding was a result of it being taken over by Global Infrastructure Partners, a move which had “liberated” the transport hub.

He said: “The rebrand is simple, yet effective, and a fairly straightforward statement of intent. I haven’t found anyone yet who doesn’t like it.”

Mr Dewar declined to reveal the cost of the re-brand.

Mr Dewar said he wanted to make Edinburgh a “zero-queue airport” with plans lined up for improved check-in and security facilities.

He said: “We want to make passengers’ journeys easier and faster. We want to deliver a world of opportunities to the people of Edinburgh and of Scotland, and to tempt many more people from around the world to visit Scotland and our amazing capital city.”


SHOULD the airport have been renamed after JK Rowling or another from the Edinburgh gliteratti?

Rebranding can be a perilous business, as many have found out to their cost.

Back in 2005, Prestwick Airport decided to change its slogan to “Pure Dead Brilliant” after a £3 million refurbishment, a move described as “pure dead embarrassing”.

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