Dundee sees 37% fall in violent crime

VIOLENT crime in Dundee has fallen by a dramatic 37 per cent over the past twelve months, it was revealed today.

• 37 per cent reduction in violent crime rates in Dundee recorded

• Last twelve months have also seen ten per cent decrease in robberies and over 18 per cent fall in vandalism

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There has also been a ten per cent decrease in robberies and a fall of more than 18 per cent in crimes of vandalism in the city over the same period, according to Tayside Police.

The force has also recorded a reduction of more than 15 per cent in crimes of indecency – such as rape, attempted rap, and indecent assault – down from 196 to 166.

Chief Inspector Shaun McKillop said: “We welcome the reduction in crime the city. Indeed, there was a five per cent reduction in recorded crime – that’s 324 fewer crimes – in Dundee last year. It is encouraging when those reductions are supported by detection rates that are either on or above target.

“But it is important to stress that it isn’t about how the figures look on paper, it is the fact that they represent fewer people suffering because of the violence of others, fewer people being terrified when they fall victim to robbery. It also highlights that people and communities have not suffered the hurt caused by wanton acts of vandalism to the same degree.”

A force spokesman said: “Disappointingly, there has been a significant rise in domestic housebreaking – up 27 per cent, or 88 victims, when compared to last year. This was due to a spike in housebreaking in the city at the end of 2012 into 2013, caused by a small number of criminals. These key individuals were identified, taken off the streets and put before the courts.”