Drivers charged at schools

Six motorists have been charged and nine others warned in a police clampdown at Peterhead schools.

Officers recently carried out a three-day road traffic operation around the town’s schools.

The initiative came amid complaints by schools, residents, parents and the community council regarding excessive speed by motorists around the schools.

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Static speed checks were carried out two or three times a day, covering the start and end of the school day and some lunchtimes.

The main principle was to educate drivers, however when officers found them to be travelling at a significant amount above the speed limit the were charged with the offence.

Six drivers were charged with speeding offences and have been reported either by issuing a fixed penalty ticket or directly reported to the Procurator Fiscal with nine other drivers were warned.

PC James, who led the operation, said: “We make no apology in targeting drivers who were caught speeding near to the schools here in Peterhead.

“The operation was specific in its times and locations focussing on pupils entering and leaving school and those roads where there are schools.

“One driver was recorded as being 13 miles per hour over the speed limit. These limits are there to protect everyone, but the reduced speeds outside schools are therefor obvious reasons.”

During the three days officers were regularly praised by the local residents and parents dropping off and picking up their children.

Additional officers have now been trained on the use of the speed detecting equipment and officers from the Buchan Community Policing Team will be continuing to address speeding in Peterhead and the surrounding villages.