Driver caught doing 74mph in 30mph road

Police say they have detected a driver doing 74mph on a 30mph road in Fife.

The driver was caught on camera. Picture: JPIMedia

At approximately 8.44pm last night, a car was caught on camera speeding on the A914 Cupar Road, through the village of Kettlebridge.

There is a 30mph speed limit in place for this section of the route.

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Police Inspector Jane Combe said: “Drivers have a responsibility to comply with the speed limits at all times.

“It is alarming that this driver thinks it is acceptable to travel at more than double the speed limit. Stopping distances increase the faster you travel, this is why there is a 30mph speed limit in built up areas such as Kettlebridge.”

East Safety Camera Unit Manager, Andy Jones said: “This motorist has shown complete disregard for the safety of this community.

“Fortunately, due to the later working pattern of the Safety Camera Unit, we were able to detect this driver at this time of the evening.

“The motorist will hear from us shortly and will also be reported to the Procurator Fiscal.”

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