‘Dr Dolittle’ barred from keeping pets for life

A MAN dubbed “Dr Dolittle” by neighbours has been banned from owning animals for life after keeping 39 pets, including dogs, doves and rabbits, in “appalling” conditions.

The Scottish SPCA said ten rats were found living in a cage suitable for one hamster when an inspector arrived at Maqsood Asghar’s home in Kirk Street, Leith, in June last year.

Inspector Jenni Surgeon discovered two dogs, one cat, two terrapins, four rabbits, four guinea pigs, two chinchillas, two doves, seven quail, 12 rats, one mouse and two gerbils.

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Asghar was given a disqualification order and told to carry out 180 hours of community service when he was sentenced at Edinburgh Sheriff Court yesterday, the animal welfare charity said.

The 40-year-old had previously admitted failing to ensure the welfare needs of the 39 animals he kept in his flat were met to the extent required by good practice. Inspector Surgeon said: “We are very pleased Asghar has been banned from owning animals for life as, in our opinion, he cannot provide even the most basic care.

“His animals were forced to live in appalling conditions and there was an overwhelming stench of urine and faeces inside his flat.

“This was a horrific case of multiple neglect and we feel this sentence is entirely appropriate.”