Double rapist finally snared after former partner reports him for domestic abuse

A DOUBLE rapist escaped 
justice for almost eight years until he was traced by his DNA after an ex-lover reported him for 
domestic abuse.

Peter Hendry attacked two prostitutes in 2004 and 2007 after driving them to a desolate industrial estate near Glasgow.

One of the women told a jury how Hendry had “left her like a bit of trash”.

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The father-of-four was caught last year when his DNA matched that found on both victims.

The breakthrough came after police tested him following an a assault on his former partner.

Hendry is now behind bars after being convicted of the two rapes following a trial at the High Court in Glasgow.

The 41-year-old will be sentenced next month.

A jury heard how Hendry 
attacked his first victim on 18 September, 2004.

The former forklift driver picked up the 33-year-old in Glasgow’s east-end and took her to a quiet industrial site in Seath Road, Rutherglen.

The woman told Hendry that full sexual intercourse was not an option.

But when they arrived at the estate – which the victim 
described as “quite scary” – burly Hendry pinned her down and raped her.

The court heard Hendry then got back into his vehicle and abandoned the woman.

She said: “He just got up and walked to his car and left me like a bit of trash. In a way I was glad because I was still alive.”

The terrifying incident was 
reported to the police, but Hendry continued to prowl the streets.

He attacked his next victim 
almost three years later on 27 July, 2007.

The 29-year-old got into his car after chatting to him close to the city’s Glasgow Green.

He drove her to the same 
industrial estate in Rutherglen before raping her.

The court was told the woman felt like she was “suffocating” and that she was in tears during her ordeal.

After Hendry fled, the victim ran to workmen a short distance away and told them she had been attacked.

Both rapes remained 
unsolved until police got a breakthrough in 2011 after Hendry was involved in an argument with ex-partner Linda Martin.

His DNA was taken by officers and the Scottish Police DNA 
database found it matched that discovered on the rape victims.

Hendry was finally brought to trial almost eight years after his first attack.

He claimed in evidence that both sexual encounters had been consensual after meeting the women at a car auction.

Hendry, of the city’s Springburn, said the first victim offered him a “free one” while the 
second had told him he could pay her later.

He also insisted it was the women who directed him to the industrial estate – despite the fact he knew the area having previously gone to a breaker’s yard there.

Hendry claimed after having sex with the older vice girl he “went home and cried” for using a prostitute.

Judge Kenneth MacIver 
remanded him in custody and deferred sentencing until 18