Don't bother with Big Brother, Tommy

(Gail Sheridan's encouraging words to her husband before he entered the Celebrity BB house)

TOMMY Sheridan was warned against taking part in the latest series of Celebrity Big Brother, by his wife.

Gail Sheridan told the former MSP he was at risk of being deliberately misrepresented by the show's producers, adding that his political beliefs might win him few fans among viewers.

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The Solidarity founder has found little favour so far during his time in the Channel 4 programme, and bookmakers have made him the rank outsider.

However, he has been granted a stay of execution, with Ulrika Jonsson, the former television presenter, and glamour model Lucy Pinder facing eviction.

Viewers last night saw Sheridan give a typically impassioned speech against the invasion of Iraq during a showcase of the talents that made the CBB housemates famous.

Sheridan, now studying law and without a full-time income, has cited money as the sole reason for his participation in the show. It is rumoured he is being paid in the region of 100,000.

However, his wife said the financial reward might not outweigh the damage the show could cause to his reputation. She said: "I told him I was totally against it and I didn't care how much he was getting paid for it, he shouldn't do it.

"We knew how he could be portrayed by the edits – and people go stir crazy in there."

She also told Sheridan he would need to adopt a softer accent. "That first night he went in, he had that big voice," she said. "I said, 'Oh my God, listen to that.' He is really loud. We told him he would need to 'anglify' his voice."

Nevertheless, Mrs Sheridan said she was prepared for any negative reaction that might greet her husband.

She said: "He has already said he is anti-royalist, he's Scottish and socialist, so there is no way the English will vote for him."

Yesterday, after the housemates were asked to showcase the talents that brought them fame, Sheridan opted for the kind of rousing speech he once delivered on the streets of Glasgow.

He mentioned how he had "tried to speak the truth of power", and spoke of his belief that America represented the "single biggest threat to stability in the world".

At the end of the speech, the Shameless actress, Tina Malone, shouted: "Tommy for Prime Minister." The former MSP was also shown swaying and snapping his fingers along to other housemates performing their former chart-topping hits.

They included rapper Coolio singing his song Gangsta's Paradise, former Sugababe Mutya Buena singing Hole In The Head, and La Toya Jackson performing her brother Michael's song Wanna Be Startin' Something.

Meanwhile, Pinder was nominated for eviction last night by the DJ Terry Christian, who thought her performance – reading a spoof news bulletin in underwear – the least impressive.


Mutya Buena – once one-third of girl band Sugababes.

Lucy Pinder – the glamour model was spotted sunbathing on a Bournemouth beach by a photographer.

Terry Christian – DJ and TV presenter is known for Channel 4 show The Word.

Michelle Heaton – a former singer with pop band Liberty X, who shot to fame on Popstars.

La Toya Jackson – a singer who is best known for her famous brother, Michael.

Verne Troyer – 2ft 8in tall actor famous for playing the character of Mini-Me in the Austin Powers films.

Tommy Sheridan – former MSP who is currently one of two co-conveners of Solidarity.

Ulrika Jonsson – former weathergirl and TV presenter.

Ben Adams – former pop star with A1, now a songwriter.

Tina Malone – actress best known for Shameless.

Coolio – Grammy award-winning US rapper.