Donald Trump lookalike frogfish inaugurated at Sea Life Centre

taff at a sea life centre held an underwater inauguration for a frogfish that looks like Donald Trump.

Staff at a Sea Life Centre in Lancashire staged their own inauguration ceremony⬦after visitors spotted a fish with a striking resemblance to the new US President. Picture: SWNS

Visitors to SEA LIFE Blackpool spotted a striking resemblance between the bright orange frogfish and the new US president.

The sea creature can expand its mouth to 12 times its normal size and has distinctive facial features and front fins which have been compared to Mr Trump’s famous hairstyle.

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The centre’s general manager, Matthew Titherington, said: “Guests kept pointing out a fish they said looked like Donald Trump.

“When we took a look, we were amazed at the resemblance. It’s creating a real stir!

“We’ve named the fish Donald and transferred it into a bigger tank, so that more people can see it.

“Strangely, the other fish tend to keep it at a distance.”

He added: “We even staged our own underwater inauguration ceremony, complete with a miniature stars and stripes flag.

“We invited everyone who was at SEA LIFE to watch, but the crowd turn-out wasn’t as big as expected!”

Frogfish are found in tropical and subtropical oceans around the world. Short and stocky, they typically lie in wait for prey, then strike extremely quickly, in as little as six milliseconds.

The creatures are carnivores and eat fish, crustaceans and even other frogfish.