Dog walk leads to amazing wedding ring find

Picture: Google, a peebled beach, OrkneyPicture: Google, a peebled beach, Orkney
Picture: Google, a peebled beach, Orkney

Paul and Jan Higson were delighted to find Paul’s wedding ring whilst walking their dogs in Orkney. Paul, who works in various areas across the mainland, lost his wedding ring two months previously and had been scared to tell his wife. The couple had given up hope of ever finding the ring again but Jan spotted it during a dog walk on the Sands of Wright in South Ronaldsay. Speaking to the BBC she said: “I saw something metallic in the stones (on the beach). I originally thought it was a washer or something like that but I bent down and moved one of the stones because it was wedged under one of the stones and pulled it out and it was Paul’s wedding ring.”

Family and friends were totally stunned at this “million-to-one chance” finding. The couple have put on a Euromillions ticket in the hope that their luck continues.

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