DISGUSTIN: Identity of Edinburgh girl who did not flush toilet finally revealed

FOR almost six years, it has been Scotland’s most disgusting whodunnit.

One of Lizzie Brash's daughters has admitted to being the culprit who did not know how to flush the toilet properly, six years after the video of her X-rated tirade went viral.

But now, a previously unseen video confession may have finally shed some light on who does not know how flush the toilet properly.

Oxgangs mum Lizzie Brash gained viral status in 2013 when she burst in to her daughter’s bedroom and unleashed an X-rates tirade at the girls.

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The clip shows two of Lizzie’s young daughters singing along to Cher Lloyd when they are suddenly interrupted by their mum, who bursts through the door and shouts: “Which one of yas doesn’t know how to flush the toilet after having a s**t?”

The younger sister quickly answers, “It wasn’t me.”

But Lizzie shouts: “Well is was f****n one of yous. Disgustin’!”

She then slams the door before the sheepish kids switch off the camera.

However, Twitter user @grantjcn discovered a video dated November 14, 2014 reveals the younger of the two sisters admitting she was the culprit.

The video is timestamped November 14, 2014 - a year after the initial clip went viral.

Talking directly to the camera, the girl says: “It was me who done the s*** in the toilet.

“Whoever thinks it wasn’t me, it was me to surprise you.

“Who doesn’t know how to flush the toilet after they’ve done a s*** - it was me.”

The video, dated November 14 2014, which was posted by Twitter user @grantjcn, was captioned: “I can’t believe after five years we finally know who it was that never flushed the s***.

Grant’s tweet exposing the mystery read: “I can’t believe after 5 years we finally know who it was that never flushed the shit. This is the closure we all deserve.”

It comes just days after a family friend admitted they still have the catchphrase shouted at them in the street.