Disabled mum forced to witness daughter’s rape

A MAN who was jailed for four years and eight months for raping a teenage girl in front of her wheelchair-bound mum was today branded an “animal” who “should never see the light of day again” by an MSP.

Reece Fleming ordered the 18-year-old to strip before carrying out the knife-point attack and taunting her helpless mother with vile comments.

The 21-year-old was sentenced at the High Court in Edinburgh yesterday but the prison term sparked outrage from Scottish Conservative chief whip John Lamont.

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Mr Lamont said: “This despicable human being should never see the light of day again. Instead, he will be contemplating freedom after three years.

“We know from experience that twisted individuals like this are likely to go on to offend again. So why he was given such a lenient sentence is a complete mystery, regardless of his guilty plea.

“What’s worse, with the SNP’s refusal to drop automatic early release, this animal won’t even serve the

paltry term handed down. That’s an insult to the victims, and a move which will only put the public at risk.”

During the attack, Fleming demanded to know whether the 53-year-old mother had read the Bible and whether she knew how to get rid of demons.

After Fleming pleaded guilty in February, the victim told the Evening News she was “petrified” during her ordeal in the Edinburgh house, but was more scared that “something would happen to my mum than me”.

She said that Fleming had previously watched supernatural horror film Paranormal Activity 4, and she believed he was “taking the mickey” before he started stabbing the couch.

Sentencing Fleming yesterday, judge Lord Bannatyne told him he had committed “a truly appalling crime”.

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The judge added: “It involved sexual violence, threats – including threats to kill – the presentation of a knife followed by rape. That rape was carried out in the presence of the victim’s mother which, in my view, is a most unimaginable thought.”

Fleming pleaded guilty to assaulting the girl and her mother, raping the daughter and forcing her to perform a sex act.

During the incident on November 28 last year, Fleming told the pair: “I’m no’ Reece, I’m David. Reece isn’t coming back,” which he later claimed to police was his split personality.

The court heard that Fleming’s heavy drinking rather than any mental problems was behind the attack.

Defence QC Brian McConnachie said: “It is clear from a psychologist’s report that split personality is not an issue.

“It is understood by Fleming that alcohol is no excuse for any level of offending.”

Mr McConnachie said although Fleming, of Cotlaws, Kirkliston, had minor previous convictions “there is nothing in his record to suggest he was someone who would be capable of that type of crime”.

The lawyer added: “He accepts that during the course of this he was acting in a completely uncontrolled, bizarre and frightening manner.”

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The court heard that Fleming had drunk about 14 bottles of beer before the attack. Brandishing a silver-handled knife, he repeatedly told the women he would stab them if they did not do as they were told.

He then plunged his knife into the sofa four or five times and demanded sex.

After ordering the teenager to remove her clothes and raping her in front of her mother, Fleming made them promise not to tell “Reece” what had happened. Eventually the mother managed to get to the bathroom and dial 999.