Director of Glasgow firm escapes jail for filming employees in toilet

Ex finance director at the Wheatley Group Mark Logan  arrives at Glasgow Sheriff Court. Picture: SWNSEx finance director at the Wheatley Group Mark Logan  arrives at Glasgow Sheriff Court. Picture: SWNS
Ex finance director at the Wheatley Group Mark Logan arrives at Glasgow Sheriff Court. Picture: SWNS
A former finance director who took almost 700 covert videos of colleagues while at work and on business trips has been spared jail.

Mark Logan, former director at the Wheatley Group, planted hidden cameras in a toilet and made almost 700 videos over 12 months.

The 48-year-old planted the spy cameras at the firm’s Glasgow headquarters where he was previously employed.

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Between May 2015 and 2016, along with filming in his workplace, Logan also made secret recordings while on business trips in London and at Edinburgh’s George Hotel.

Logan, of Bearsden, Dunbartonshire, had pled guilty to the charges of voyeurism and sexual assault and appeared at Glasgow Sheriff Court on Monday to be sentenced before Sheriff Joseph Platt.

He also pled guilty to sexual assaulting someone by rubbing them in a sexual manner while they were asleep, without their consent, in 2014.

The court heard Logan’s crimes had “one intended victim” and other incidental victims.

Advocate Anthony Graham, Logan’s solicitor, told the court his client had “essentially given up his entire career” as a result of his crimes.

He said: “As a chartered accountant in the public sector he was in receipt of a substantial six-figure salary and pension rights.

“He goes from that place to a disciplinary hearing with the Institute of Chartered Accountants, which may not end his career totally but will certainly diminish it.”

Mr Graham said Logan had been working with a psychologist for “the best part of a year” on “self-analysis”.

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He added: “He has taken it upon himself from the outset in facing up to this.”

Sheriff Platt handed down a two-year supervision order, meaning Logan will have to comply with strict social work rules, attending meetings regularly and working with psychologists.

He will also have to comply with notification requirements of being placed on the sex offenders’ register.

The sheriff said: “My primary concern [is] the protection of the public and anyone else who may become a victim of your behaviour.

“The steps you took to renounce your employment have had a devastating effect on you and your family and I don’t think a further punitive element is required.

“There was one intended victim and incidental victims of this offence.”

The sheriff told Logan if he breached the conditions of his supervision he “would reconsider custody” and asked for a review hearing in six months to monitor Logan’s progress.

During the hearing, Sheriff Joseph Platt ordered the destruction of all the videos and the devices they were filmed on.

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The court heard previously the materials - three cameras which had been hidden in digital clocks, a hard drive and a micro SD card - contained hundreds of videos of colleagues.

In one film Logan could be seen planting the spy camera on the bedside table in a hotel room to record one of his victims.

Another showed Logan performing a sex act on himself with a tie.

Sheriff Platt said as a protection to the public and to Logan’s victims, all the materials should be permanently destroyed.

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