Device could stop return of aneurysms

SCIENTISTS have discovered that a new device that treats potentially fatal brain aneurysms could help prevent them coming back.

The Edinburgh University researchers have found that treating the aneurysms with specially coated platinum coils can reduce their recurrence.

Each year, around 5000 people in the UK suffer a burst brain aneurysm - a blister on the wall of an artery that can cause life-threatening haemorrhages.

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The team studied the effect of coated coils in 500 patients from the UK, Europe, Australia, South America and the USA.

The findings showed that this new form of coil significantly reduced the recurrence of aneurysms after 18 months from 33 per cent to 24 per cent.

Dr Phil White, consultant neuroradiologist and honorary reader at Edinburgh University, said: "Our study shows that the non-invasive techniques for treating brain aneurysms are getting better.

"Hydrogel coated coils offer an improved treatment for ruptured aneurysms and coiling has a faster recovery than having to have brain surgery and comes with less risk as well, which is great news."