Death-themed ‘family fun day’ planned for Nairn

ORGANISERS of a family “fun day” claim their event is to die for, but the light-hearted open day in Nairn has a serious tone, aimed at looking at the practical side of death.
The event will deal with all aspects of preparing for death. Picture: TSPLThe event will deal with all aspects of preparing for death. Picture: TSPL
The event will deal with all aspects of preparing for death. Picture: TSPL

The Citizens Advice Bureau in Nairn has reacted to an increase in enquiries from clients struggling to deal with the affairs of dead loved ones.

So they are hosting an event to help bereaved families fearing the prospect of funeral planning – and “think outside the box”.

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Visitors will learn to write a will, arrange their own DIY funeral and even try out wicker coffins for size.

The CAB event, this Saturday, will encourage residents to talk to funeral directors and experts to compile their own “D-Day file,” with the D standing for death.

Those attending will also be able to find out what “soul midwifes” are – holistic companions to the dying.

They will also be able to watch a flea circus production from the House of Automata, amusingly entitled ‘Life is Fleating’.

A public art project called ‘Before I Die’ will give people the chance to reflect on their lives on special walls, alongside other participants from 30 countries around the world.

A one-woman show called ‘Etiquette of Grief’ will conclude the day’s events, which costs between £6 and £8.

Nairn CAB manager Gill MacLean said “We are not out to frighten or depress anyone.

“It’s about helping your loved ones get through what will be a very difficult time for them.”

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She said it was important people made death plans if they were living together rather than married and to consider the legal implications of separation, divorce and stepchildren.

The typical no-frills funeral in Scotland costs anything from £3,000 to £5,000, and she said visitors may be interested in ways to save money.

She added: “You don’t have to have a funeral in a particular way and you can save a lot by thinking outside the box, so to speak.”

The event at Nairn Community Centre will take place on Saturday from 11.30am to 4pm and will involve more than 20 local organisations.

It will be followed by the one-woman show called Etiquette of Grief at Nairn Little Theatre from 8pm.