Dealer had £100k haul

A DRUG trafficker faces jail after being caught red-handed by police as he picked up a supply of heroin worth £100,000 on the streets.

A court heard yesterday that Ardian Dizdari was also caught with coded notes which it was claimed he used to keep track of his drug deals.

Names of car makes and models were scrawled on scraps of paper found in the black Saab convertible which mechanic Dizdari was driving.

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Yugoslav-born Dizdari, 34, told the High Court in Edinburgh that "Volvo" and "Alfa Romeo" and the figures beside them were linked to his work in a garage.

Police moved in after Dizdari had been met by a silver Peugeot and seized a kilo of heroin from the driver.

Dizdari, of Glasgow, will be sentenced next month.

Electrician Jamie Carter, 28, from Edinburgh, was the Peugeot driver. He was ordered to perform 240 hours of unpaid community work.