David Goodwillie claim woman steps up legal battle

A woman who claims she was raped by Dundee United striker David Goodwillie has waived her right to anonymity as she seeks answers.

David Goodwillie was investigated by police, with the Crown Office dropping charges five months later. Picture: PA

Denise Clair says she can remember ‘virtually nothing’ of the alleged sex crime, but has stepped up her fight to ascertain what happened in January 2011.

Goodwillie, who is on loan at Tannadice from Blackburn Rovers, denies the accusation and was investigated by police, with the Crown Office dropping charges five months later. The Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority later awarded £11,000 to Ms Clair after accepting she was raped.

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The mother has now lodged a court action to recover evidence collected during the inquiry, and is taking civil action against the Scotland striker for damages.

She told the Daily Express: “I’m determined to see the evidence myself and will deal with it no matter what it reveals.

“I’m waiving anonymity because I want people to know I’m an ordinary mum from an ordinary family.

“I want to know why the criminal justice system did not proceed with the case.”

Ms Clair, from Livingston in West Lothian, told police that she had met St Johnstone midfielder David Robertson, a former school friend and Goodwillie in a pub in Bathgate, while on a night out.

She said she woke up naked, and alone, in a ‘strange’ house the day after, believing she had been given drugs and raped.

She continued: “I remember virtually nothing after accepting a drink. My next memory is of waking up.

“I didn’t know where I was, how I’d got there or where my clothes were. I’ve never been a big drinker and don’t have anything to do with drugs.”

The former prison worker established that she was in Armadale, about 12 miles from Livingston. Her brother collected her, and she was later examined at a specialist sex crimes unit, claiming she was ‘shocked’ to discover Goodwillie had been charged.

An initial police investigation suggested that Ms Clair had three types of ‘drugs of misuse’ in her system, despite her denial of taking them, but this was later reported to be a mistake.

The report also said she was nearly four times over the drink-driving limit.

Lawyer Cameron Fyfe said: “We have a team of experts standing by to examine everything, including the dress Denise was wearing that night.”

Goodwillie’s lawyer, Liam O’Donnell, added: “David will vigorously defend any court action.”