'˜Dan from Edinburgh' stuns BBC Saturday Kitchen phone-in with c-word

A caller from Edinburgh has gone viral after viewers noticed that he had used the '˜c word' in a phone call placed to mid-morning cookery show Saturday Kitchen on the BBC.
The guests reacting to 'Dan.' Picture: BBCThe guests reacting to 'Dan.' Picture: BBC
The guests reacting to 'Dan.' Picture: BBC

‘Dan from Edinburgh’ was introduced as one of the viewers of the weekly show who wanted advice from a panel of chefs on how best to cook Christmas Dinner.

With an unmistakable Edinburgh accent, Dan told the hosts: “You ken what it’s like this time of year, every c***s on about parsnips n aw that, so wits a barry side for Christmas?”

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Host Matt Tebbutt seemed to pick up on the profanity despite the thick accent as he looked as if he was struggling to hold back laughter as Dan posed his question.

Ever the pro, however, he quickly moved on and asked the resident chefs their thoughts on parsnips.

Viewers, particularly in Scotland, were quick to spot the ‘c-bomb’ and took to social media to express their shock.

One wrote on Twitter: “Dan from Edinburgh here. NSFW and I’m sure he’ll be a cult hero down the pub tonight. I said, cult. He didn’t.”

Another added: “Dan from Edinburgh on #SaturdayKitchen is my hero “every c**nts banging on about parsnips” #oops.”