Crying kitten found at Highland Show

A TINY kitten has been found at the Royal Highland Show after someone mistook his cries for a mobile phone ringtone.

The four-week old kitten was handed in to staff at the Scottish SPCA stand after a member of the public found her sitting on top of a pallet, crying for her mother.

Now named Annie, the kitten is receiving care at the charity’s Edinburgh and Lothians Animal Rescue and Rehoming Centre at Balerno.

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Chief superintendent Mike Flynn said: “We were approached by a man carrying a cardboard box with the kitten inside on Sunday at around 2pm.

“He reported that he had been working at the Royal Blind Society’s stand when he heard the kitten’s cries. He initially mistook her constant calling for a mobile phone ringtone and went to investigate the source.”

He added: “We have received reports of kittens and puppies being sold from cars at outdoor events such as this in the past, but we are not aware of any such activity at the Royal Highland Show this year.”