Crown Estate Rosewell consultation event

A consultation on how Crown Estate Scotland rural land and property is managed has been launched.

Tenants, communities, businesses and sector bodies are being urged to have their say.

As part of the consultation there will be free drop-in events on each of the four rural estates managed by Crown Estate Scotland, including at Rosewell Resource Centre on Wednesday, February 27 from 6pm to 8pm.

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Crown Estate Scotland Head of Property Andy Wells said: “The rural strategy will set out a clear path to determine how decisions will be made regarding the management of rural assets to ensure that we are helping communities and business to thrive - benefitting Scotland as a whole - and managing land and property in a way that is financially & environmentally sustainable.

“By the end of March 2019 across our four rural estates we will have completed £4.5 million of investment and will be planning a further phased programme guided by the results of our condition survey to make sure that the right infrastructure is in place to help tenants’ businesses.

“The assets are dynamic – we can buy new ones, develop them, and sell to then reinvest. What we are keen to know is what should be the key factors that guide our decisions, how do we make sure land is being used productively, and how do we enhance the wider benefits for Scotland?”

Crown Estate Scotland manages four rural estates, wild salmon fishing rights, rights to naturally-occurring gold and silver, and forestry.

The final strategy will align with wider Scottish Government policy. The consultation period runs from 15 February until 26 April.