Couple's ceiling collapse misery

AN elderly couple today told how their living room ceiling collapsed after a boiler burst in the neighbouring flat.

Myra and Bill Anderson, both 76, have been left with a 3ft hole in the ceiling of their flat in Crewe Road Gardens, after the boiler in the flat above them burst on December 23, resulting in a "waterfall" raining through the ceiling, leading to its eventual collapse.

The council, which owns both flats, has told the couple it is likely to be two weeks before it can send someone out to look at repairs.

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Meanwhile the couple, who both have health problems, have continued to use their living room despite it not having any electricity, by using extension cords to power lamps and the television.

Mrs Anderson said: "I'm really angry with the council. I had to get my friend's son out to stop the water, it was like a waterfall. When the boiler empties, it's re-filled by the tank in the attic so if we hadn't called in a plumber ourselves the water would still be running."

A spokesperson for the council said it would look into the matter.