Council Tories warn against road 'pricing'

EDINBURGH'S Conservative councillors have warned the Executive against adopting a road tolls scheme just for Scotland.

The Tories said any future plans to charge motorists should be UK-wide, and not confined to roads north of the Border.

As part of a wide-ranging consultation on a new national transport strategy, Transport Minister Tavish Scott has already said he would consider a pilot road pricing scheme for Scotland as part of a larger initiative.

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It is now unlikely any Scottish councils will seriously consider plans for local congestion charging, following the resounding "no" vote in a referendum in Edinburgh last year.

The Capital's Tory transport spokesman, Councillor Allan Jackson, said: "We are prepared to look at a UK-wide road pricing scheme but certainly not one that would only operate in Scotland.

"Can you imaging the chaos at the various cross-border roads?

"Any national scheme should be cost-neutral at first, and future Governments could consider what adjustments may be needed."

The Tories have submitted their own response to the consultation after disagreeing with the Labour and Lib Dem-backed official council submission.