Council fights to evict ‘Occupy Dundee’ protestors

COUNCILLORS are launching a legal bid to evict a group of protestors who have set up camp in Dundee’s city centre in a display of solidarity with the global Occupy movement.

The protestors are camped out in front of the Nethergate church building, situated close to the council headquarters, and have already ignored an order giving them 24 hours to leave the premises.

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A spokesman for Dundee City Council confirmed that the authority would be raising legal proceedings in the sheriff court.

The bid comes barely a week after a number of people who had set up camp outside St Paul’s Cathedral in London were evicted by police, who gave the order to pack up their tents and leave.

Recently, a number of protestors in Edinburgh’s St Andrew’s Square Gardens left the public space following a lengthy battle with councillors and the police, after setting up camp in October of last year in a move sparked by the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ campaign in America.