Council: All relevant checks were carried out

East Renfrewshire Council has insisted that all guidelines have been met regarding the Maidenhill development.

Artist impression of the Maidenhill development

The Newton Mearns Residents Flood Prevention Group (NMRFPG) claimed there is increased risk of flooding after Taylor Wimpey was allowed to change planning consent on the site last month.

Permission had been given for dozens of flats, detached, semi-detached and terraced houses last year. But the housebuilder was given the green light to build 106 new detached homes instead.

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Taylor Wimpey made three separate applications for under 50 homes, meaning they did not need to hold a public consultation.

And East Renfrewshire Council insisted all relevant checks were carried out.

A spokesman said: “Planning permission was granted for a major development on the Maidenhill site in June 2017.

“Following rigorous assessment to ensure that all national standards and guidelines were being met, officers were satisfied that the proposals put forward will control surface water run-off rates at the required level and in addition, Scottish Water, the agency responsible for the area’s foul drainage network, did not object to the planning application.

“The meeting was to consider amendments to the approved development to change house types and the internal roads layout at part of the overall development.

“This amendment was approved by councillors.”

However, Dr Michael Bradnam, the technical advisor to the NMRFPG, said the group was refused a request to address a hearing by councillors.

He continued: “A ‘major’ development would have permitted the Flood Prevention Group an opportunity to present their issues to the councillors; a smaller development does not.

“The surface water will be drained via the Shaw Linn watercourse through Mearnskirk and private gardens in the Broom area.

“Flood risk would be increased due to an increased volume of stormwater runoff and faster rise times in the watercourse when compared to the underdeveloped state.

“A formal complaint has been submitted by the group to the council’s chief executive. They believe that this sets an unhelpful precedent for future major developments in East Renfrewshire.”

CALA Homes, who also own part of the site, were given the initial consent last year. But Taylor Wimpey took over three plots owned by CALA.

Part of the site will run adjacent to Ayr Road, with CALA Homes having initially planned 26 detached houses, six terrace houses and 12 flats on that area. But Taylor Wimpey willcreate 48.

Next to Highover and Marlin Lodge, permission had also been granted for 27 detached houses, 12 semi-detached homes, 4 terraced units and 12 flats. Taylor Wimpey will now build 49 detached houses.

And at the third area, CALA had been given consent for eight houses, with Taylor Wimpey now changing that to nine.