Conference call for union's John o' Groats to Land's End charity runners

Postal workers running from John o' Groats to Land's End to raise money for charity stopped off at their union's annual conference yesterday.

Six staff from Warrington and Crewe set off last week to run the 860 miles in relays and are due to finish this week, with the aim of raising over 15,000 for a children's charity run by the Communication Workers Union.

The runners, aged between 46 and 54, are being aided by two support vehicles sponsored by Royal Mail, as well as help from colleagues.

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Ian Walker, a driver, and Neil Cliffe, a postman, both from Warrington, ran into the hall in Bournemouth, where the union is holding its annual conference. An official said: "The thousands these men will raise will be used to buy items for destitute children in Eastern Europe, things that children in the rest of Europe take for granted like new shoes, clothing to keep them warm and dry beds and blankets."